Request for Prioritizing Social Good and Implementing DATA Framework in GPT-4

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Dear OpenAI Team,

As a IT Architect and PhD level researcher, I commend your achievements in AI, particularly with GPT-4. I request your consideration in implementing changes prioritizing social good causes, adhering to the DATA framework, and enabling a research-focused AI model for academic and social good communities.

I understand the current 25 messages cap every 3 hours is a precaution, but I propose enablilng harnessing GPT-4 for social good, focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, Accountability, Transparency, and Accessibility / Protection. This ensures ethical AI research, usage and development for a broader range of stakeholders.

I propose a research based Chat GPT4 AI model that stands on the shoulders of the scholars and innovative giants who came before us. I will try to give an impression of what that looks like to me. Perhaps others will agree and share around to get your attention.

  1. Increased free and paid compute resources for social good projects, democratizing AI access for researchers, nonprofits, and other social good modeling need. Prioritize Open Internet Connectors for these causes.
    • Social Good Models should offer a tiered compute system based on social good impact criticality, utilizing decision frameworks like B Impact Assessment, Social Return on Investment, and the DATA framework. I’m being succinct – There are plenty. The frameworks that make compute decision making should be regularly reviewed and internationally staffed with a D&I focus
  2. Longer outputs for comprehensive research articles, reports, and reviews.
  3. Requiring all outputs to have references for transparency and catching hallucinations.
  4. Prioritizing APA or MLA peer-reviewed references in content generation.
  5. Implementing a required “Transparency in Data” section for each output, summarizing each reference and its connection to the overall article. This promotes data accessibility and also prevents misinformation/hallucinations.

By implementing these changes, GPT-4 can uphold ethical research standards, empowering researchers and organizations to tackle global issues effectively. OpenAI can set a precedent for responsible AI development prioritizing social good, diversity, and inclusion.

I know we have a long road ahead. We must approach the future with pause and thoughtfulness. I kindly urge you to consider these recommendations and I anticipate GPT-4’s positive impact on the academic community and society.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cassandra Ansara

Sole Researcher for – Be Kind. Actively pursuing peer review and feedback on all site research.

Home » Thought Leadership » Request for Prioritizing Social Good and Implementing DATA Framework in GPT-4