About the Founder

Cassandra Ansara brings over 25 years of experience in technology and architecture, specializing as a Digital and Solutions Architect. At the American Cancer Society, she leads Architecture and Implementation projects, focusing on innovative technology solutions such as datacenter transformations, collaborative technologies, and low code development platforms. As the founder of AI Empower and CEO of the Bariatric Weight Loss Family Foundation and Ohana Charity, Cassandra expertly aligns technology with business needs and rigorous industry standards.

She holds degrees from Capella University, graduating summa cum laude and pursuing a PhD ABD in Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity. Known for her technical prowess across various systems and applications, Cassandra is also an advocate for lifelong learning, recently embracing Hapkido to challenge herself physically and mentally, reflecting her commitment to personal and professional resilience.

As an autistic leader, Cassandra fosters a culture of high standards, kindness, and inclusivity, making a significant impact in the tech world and beyond. Her mission is to be a beacon of knowledge and resilience, nurturing inclusive spaces through mentoring, volunteering, and empathetic engagement, driving lasting change in every community she touches.

Founder’s Personal Mission Statement

Last Updated: Jan 2024

As an autistic leader, I seek to remember that high standards can be infectious, and will create a mosaic of positive change in the workplace and world around me.

Embodying the role of digital architect and using a nurturing leadership style, I, Cassandra Ansara, am committed to using my unique skills and perspectives to foster innovation and inclusivity, impacting not just the tech world but also the diverse communities I engage with.

My mission is to be a beacon of knowledge, discipline, kindness, and resilience, making a meaningful and lasting impact on society through a harmonious blend of professional excellence and compassionate community engagement.

Equally important to me is nurturing inclusive and supportive spaces through volunteering and mentorship. Through mentoring, volunteering, and empathetic engagement, I commit to uplifting individuals from all walks of life, championing lifelong learning, and nurturing a more equitable society.